I Heart Surprise Mail


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Happy Friday everyone – I hope you had a great week!

I just had to end the week with this card by Sycamore Street Press.  It’s exactly how I feel about the weekend, and it’s exactly how I felt when I opened the surprise “just saw this card and thought of you” card from my BFF in Chicago.

“Woot Woot” card by Sycamore Street Press

This was a great reminder that you don’t need to wait for a holiday to send a card to someone! (Have you seen the Canadian blog Send More Mail? Just do it!)

Hope you have a great weekend!


Girls Love Mail!


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Have you heard of the awesome project, Girls Love Mail? Started by author Gina Mulligan during her own fight with breast cancer, she now collects handwritten notes of encouragement from all across the country to distribute to women who are in the midst of (or recovering from) breast cancer treatment.

I think it goes without saying that I LOVE everything about Girls Love Mail!  I love actually sitting down and taking a few minutes to write a handwritten note, and I love the idea that someone who may really need those kind words is just a few weeks away from receiving them.  At first I wasn’t sure of what to write but the website is really helpful and by my second note the words were flying across the page.

And of course I love picking out which note card to use – I always look for something bright and cheerful!  I think these cards are going to be my next purchase.

Paper Source Rosettes Note Cards

We’ve all been touched by cancer in some way and I hope you will consider contributing to a great cause that only costs you a postage stamp!  Check out the Girls Love Mail website for all of the details.

Dressed up Notebooks



I titled this post “Dressed up Notebooks,” but maybe I should really re-name it “yet another item that I buy too much of.”  Just file this in the same category as the canvas tote bags from yesterday!

I love how creative people have gotten with Moleskines and other notebooks these days.  You can buy little notebooks in all sorts of colors and patterns; with hand-sketched illustrations and even (as you’ll see below) hand-stitched details.  I fully support buying one of each of these and keeping them in every bag and purse for anytime you need to jot down a list or reminder!

I really like these handmade “Little Things” notebooks from Hello Jenuine – sadly, the store notes that there’s only one left to buy.  So act fast!

How cool is this hand-stitched Moleskine by Elizabeth Rosemond? I love the ampersand!

And of course I am obsessed with these letterpress notebooks designed by Christian Maxwell and printed by Pistachio Press.  Must. Buy. Now.

There are so many good ones out there I am bound to post about this again – let me know about any I’ve missed! (Oh, and if you want to revisit the Harry Potter-inspired “I solemnly swear I am up to no good” notebook, you can find it here!)

All photos via their respective owners.

Totes Magotes – Totes from Mr. PS


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Hello everyone! Happy Monday – hope you had a great weekend.  I know I did!

I have a confession to make – I am a bit of a canvas bag hoarder.  They’re so cute, so cheap, and so easy to have around to carry lunch to work or throw in your bag for a trip to the store…I won’t confess to how many I have, but I will confess to always hunting for more!

I came across these canvas totes from Mr. PS and thought they were great for trips to the farmer’s market or for around town.

This “Saturday Morning” tote is my favorite – I would like all of those things, please!

Mr. PS is a British shop (their location is listed on Etsy as “Salford, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom” which automatically sounds better than any of our cities and states) so I have no idea what many of the things listed on their “Penny Sweets” tote are – Fizzy worms? Wine gums? Sugar Mice? Who knows!

This “Delicious Ice Cream” print would also be sweet for a kitchen – or if you happened to own an ice cream shop (lucky).

Check out Mr. PS on Etsy, and be sure to let me know if you have any other sources to add to my canvas bag obsession!



Fun Finds, Ed. 7: Pancake and Franks


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Hello everyone! I hope you had a great, relaxing long weekend and thanked our founding fathers for the Monday off of work.  Did anyone celebrate Mardi Gras yesterday?  We had fun watching our local neighborhood parade with a beer in hand although I was really wishing for a Hurricane…next year!

I was thinking about how one of our good friends is due with her first baby in a few days and then I ran across these adorable children’s prints by Pancake & Franks, so I had to share them with you.  I see a lot of children’s prints that are cute, but what I liked about these is that they are a little more modern – and the personalization is great!

Here’s my favorite:


Don’t you just want to wake up to this giraffe telling you “good morning” every day?  “Two Lumps of Sugar No. 6007” by Pancake & Franks

I also liked:

This print titled “Toot! Toot! Beep! Beep!” would be so cute for a little boy’s room.

How fun and different is their “Raj” print?  Definitely not your every-day kid’s art.

If you’re looking for something for a baby’s room or as a gift, definitely check out Pancake & Franks – they have some pretty letterpress wedding invitations, too!

All images via their respective owner.

State art prints by 1Canoe2


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Happy Friday everyone! This was another long week and I’m grateful for the long weekend.  Are you getting out of town?  I had kind of forgotten about President’s Day so it was a little bonus when I realized I had an extra day off.  We have some fun outings with friends planned including a behind-the-scenes tour of the National Zoo’s elephant barn!

In a search for something else on Etsy I ran across One Canoe Two again.  I hadn’t looked at their shop in a while and I was reminded of why they’re one of my favorite letterpress printers out there.  I am obsessed with their state prints! I know it’s been well established here that I love it when designers show their state pride, but this is different – they’ve created awesome art prints for a large number of the states.  If you ever need a little housewarming gift or just want to show your state pride, definitely check them out!

Here are my favorites of their state prints:

Missouri state letterpress print by 1 Canoe 2

Wisconsin State Print by 1 Canoe 2

Pennsylvania state print by 1 Canoe 2

Northwestern states print

And in honor of Monday and all of our great Presidents, their “Hail to the Chief” print! Love it!

Have a wonderful weekend! See you back here on Tuesday.

Wedding Thank-You Notes


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So, did anyone get engaged on Valentine’s Day?! It just occurred to me as I was starting to write this that maybe there are some newly-engaged among us! If so, this post is for you and all the other future Brides.

I would be lying if I didn’t say that my favorite part of wedding planning was looking at paper goods.  Choosing invitations, wedding programs, escort cards and thank you notes is the best for a paper lover!  But, at the end of the day, it’s sometimes hard to make decisions – letterpress or flat printing? Should I spend any money on the program since everyone’s going to throw it away? How many thank you cards do I need?

On the thank you note front, my advice is to purchase a few boxes of thank you cards to have on hand for any engagement and early wedding gifts that may trickle in (or, if you’re lucky, roll in!) soon after your engagement and for showers and bachelorette parties.  Then, if it’s in your budget, work with your invitation designer or the store where you’re buying your invitations to order custom, personalized thank you cards that coordinate with your invitation suite.  It actually may not be as expensive as you think, since you’re ordering things in a set, and when you compare the price to potentially purchasing many, many boxes of thank you’s it can actually make financial sense in the end.

These “early” thank you cards can either be wedding themed – or not.  I am in the “not” camp, I just prefer notes that are a little more simple and don’t scream “OMG I’M A BRIDE!!!!!!!”  I chose both personalized and generic thank you’s to feature here, and did my best to choose cards that come in sets because who wants to just purchase one card at a time?

Here’s my non-personalized picks:

Letterpress Thank You’s by Honizukle Press

These Rifle Paper Company garden cards would be pretty for shower thank-you’s going to female friends and family.

Blind impression letterpress cards by We Heart Paper

Peony letterpress cards by Ruby Press

Of course Paper Source has a million options, but these scalloped notes and these hydrangea Thank You’s (below) are two of my faves.

Calligraphy cards (personalized calligraphy also available)
by Kristen Henderson Calligraphy

And here’s just a few examples of personalized cards that you could order with both the Bride and Groom’s name:

Personalized letterpress cards by Pink Orchid Press

You can customize everything about these cards by BB Invitations– names, fonts, colors, envelopes and liners.

These monogram note cards by Avie Designs would really work better post-wedding and post-name change, but they’re a great deal for custom cards!

I could probably do many more posts on thank you’s, there are so many great options out there!  If you need more ideas, here’s a post I did about thank you cards just after Christmas.  I hope these options are helpful to some of you.  And congratulations and happy planning to all the Brides!

Fun Finds, ed. 6: Falconwright


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Hello everyone!  How was your Valentine’s Day?  Ours was great – we went out with a bunch of friends and it turned into a much later night than I had expected, so my plan of getting up a “Wedding Wednesday: Thank You Note Edition” post was foiled.  Check back tomorrow for “Wedding Wednesday, on a Thursday!”

In the meantime – have you seen these very cool pouches/clutches from Falconwright? They’re a Canadian duo that screen prints designs on leather.  They’re not my usual style but for some reason I really like them – and I’m one of those people who has a big purse and then can’t find anything in it, so I’m thinking I need a few of these pouches to keep everything organized.

I think this one is my favorite:

“Grey Leather Clutch- White Dash” by Falconwright

I could find a million uses for this card holder –
“Grey Leather Change Purse- Silver V”

Love the gold and pattern! Grey Leather Clutch-Gold Zigzag

Okay everyone, hope your recovery from Valentine’s Day isn’t as painful as mine 🙂 See you back here tomorrow for lots of pretty note cards!

Lovely Lucie Sheridan Prints


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Happy Valentine’s Day!  I thought that this series of prints by UK designer Lucie Sheridan was just perfect for today – It’s rare that I actually like something this colorful, but I do love her bright prints.

“Lovely” Love Love print by Lucie Sheridan

“I do” Love print

“Love Boom” print by Lucie Sheridan

She also has some more “colorful” work to check out, including some especially cheeky tote bags, but since my favorite dog in DC is a schnoodle, I have to end with her take on what it looks like!

“Schoodle” print by Lucie Sheridan

Hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s day!



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Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend. Did everyone watch the Grammys?  I made it most of the way through; Adele’s comeback did not disappoint and I feel like everyone had to be Googling the best new artist winner, Bon Iver (or was that just me? I am never up on the cool new bands!), and Jennifer Hudson’s tribute to Whitney was really, really good.

So, my random Monday thought – is anyone else getting into the trend of arrows? It started for me with this pretty Odette NY bracelet that my friend Karin from What the Font pinned – and now I see and like arrows everywhere!  (Okay, if I’m being honest, maybe it REALLY started with Hunger Games…)

Here’s that cuff and some other things I’ve noticed along the way:

Odette New York Arrow Cuff Bracelet, via Karin’s pin

Arrows print by PerlaAnn via this pin and Domestikated

SusyJack Arrow Magnet Clips via this pin

“Taking Aim” earrings by Melanie Favreau via Moontree Letterpress’ pin

And I included this card in one of my Valentine’s Day round-ups but I just love it! Gold arrow card by TriSERIFtops.